Can an E-Hub Be the Answer to Sri Lanka’s Trade Facilitation Troubles?

Sri Lanka urgently needs a central data exchange to facilitate information flows among international trade participants. An ‘E-Hub’ can be the way forward, argues the NAC on Logistics an Transport.


What Was the Secret to Sri Lanka’s Port Reform Success?

Successful Public Private Partnerships in Sri Lanka are few and far apart, but one successful project has demonstrated the power of PPPs to create new infrastructure, jobs, and drive growth.

What Can Sri Lanka Learn from South Africa’s Success in PPPs?

Sri Lanka has much to learn from international success stories, when implementing PPPs. One such example is the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Plan (REIPPPP) in South Africa. In just a few years, the country secured over 6,000 MW of power and connected 37 IPPs to the grid.

Why Did We Set Up The National Agenda Committees?

Exactly a year ago, in a pioneering move for a Sri Lankan business grouping, we launched a set of premier thought-leadership groups to represent the country’s foremost insights on key strategic economic themes.

Addressing Concerns Around the East Container Terminal EOI

Last year the Government called for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for operating the East Container Terminal at the Colombo Port. But since then, there have been concerns on potential revisions to the eligibility criteria. The NACs have urged the adoption of a credible and predictable process for PPP projects of this nature, in order to instill confidence among investors.